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Achiever List (Manual - Admin Side Dynamic)  
Company Brief (Dynamic)  
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Business Plan / Opportunity (Static)  
Products / Joining Package (Dynamic)  
Download Zone (Brochure or other) Dynamic  
Gallery (Dynamic)  
Contact Us (associated with Feedback) - Dynamic  
Legal - Dynamic - Image Upload  
Terms & Condition - Dynamic  
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Replicated Website ( with fill up form  


News (Add/ Edit / Change / Show)  
Welcome Letter (Edit/Change)  
Offer SMS (Search by : Area/City/State/Achievers/Registration Date)  
Passwords (Change Password)  
Photo Gallery (Add/ Edit / Change / Show)  
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Product Master (with image and detail description)  
Package Master/Joining Packages  


Create Franchisee (Add Franchisee)  
Pay to Franchisee (Pay money to generate the pin / Pin Generation)  
Generate Payout (For Franchisee)  


Admin can enter the shipment detail of the client or franchisee here to track the product shipment status by the particular member or franchisee, they can see the status by login to their back office.  

Pin Management:

Generate E-Pin per Package - Pin Generation as  
Unused Pins generated by Admin - List of Pins  
Issue Pins Member (visible in Member Panel) - Issue Pins to  
Pin Report: Date wise/ Franchisee Wise/ Pin Request  
Pin Request - Generate and Issue Pins from Request raised Members  


Registration Report (Registration/Labels/Welcome Letter) (From-To ID wise, Name wise, City wise, Date wise)  
Pin Report - Datewise / Pin wise  
Label Dispatch - Date Wise / Pin Wise | Pending Dispatch  


Generate Payout, Payout Report (Summary/Statement/Labels) (Cycle wise)  


Queries | Problems | Suggestions  


Joining Time Automatics SMS  
Send Message ( By selecting city wise / area wise / country wise ), Report ( Delivery report)  

Reports :

Company Fund Statement (Till Date/Periodic)  
Payout Report (Summary/Statement/Labels) (Cycle wise)  
Registration Report (Registration/Labels/Welcome Letter) (From-To ID wise, Name wise, City wise, Date wise)  
Pin Report: Date wise/ Franchisee Wise/ Pin Request  

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Binary Geneaology My Team (For Binary, Left and Right Count. For Matrix Level wise Count)  
Level Wise Member Tree  

My Wallet:

Account Statement  
E-Fund Transfer (ID to ID)Generate E-Pin  
My Pins - Shows Pins issued by Admin/Franchisee as well as generated from wallet (with Registration option)  

My Products:

Joining Packages -  
Repurchae Product Dispatch (the detail entered by the admin of product shipment with track id)  


Receipt, Welcome Letter, TDS Report (for India only),Package Dispatch Details  


Write to Company / Generate Ticket (Queries, Problems, Suggestions)  
Resolution (Resolution From Company)  


Account Summary My Business  
Company Message (Circular) :)  
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